New Vortex ROK VLR 100cc for Karting

(James McMahon) #35

Do we know what’s different on the carb on the VLR vs KA yet?

(Jeff Colegrove) #36

Same carb, different part number stamped on each.

(Jeff Colegrove) #37

Very interesting. I’ve got a couple hours on mine so far, it fires the instant I hit the button, quicker than my x30s.

Hoping to continue racking up the miles.

(Paul Montopoli) #38

How does it fire up relative to your much loved Leopard? Nothing beats a Leopard.

(Mike Giessen) #39

When I ran the KA at the Gopro WKA race- it started in the 2-3 second range (during the day). Would take quite a bit longer when it sat over night.

I believe the Venturi size differential is the reason to blame for the different start up time between leopard/Ka and the x30 which utilizes a much bigger venturi.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #40

Anyone know how much horsepower one makes?

(James McMahon) #41

Approx 22HP from what I understand.

(Bryan Williams ) #42

(James McMahon) #43

I don’t see anything regarding power there though. Unless I missed it?

(Ryan Odi) #44

I’ve looked at that many times. No horsepower indicated.

(Bryan Williams ) #45

Yeah sorry. I thought I read it in there somewhere. Guess not.