New York Race Complex

One of the best tracks I have been on so far with my shifter kart. It is very smooth and fast. Located in Morristown NY I ran my CRG Road Rebel 250 Mechatron shifter kart. It was a lot of fun. If you want to check out the video of the track you can view it at my YouTube channel Mike Stendor and the video is Full Throttle down the straightaways at Marco’s place thanks for watching Mike

That sounds like a ride. Got any video?

Hi James, yes it is a ride. Right next to the Saint Laurence river. Worth the ride though. I did put the video up on my YouTube channel. My channel is Mike Stendor look for Full Throttle New York Race Complex 8-13-19 thank you Mike

Is that Marco’s new track?

Yes it is, it is fantastic.

It looks nice and fast. Looks like he’s doing a series up there too.

He said he had the F1 series race there. This is his first year to have the track open to the public.

I think he’s doing a series with another couple tracks up North and in Canada. Or something like that I think.

The NY State Karting Championship has rounds at GVKC, Lafyette MP, and NYRC.

Can confirm it’s a great facility and a beautiful area. Unfortunately kind of in the middle of no where very far north, even for most in the north east. Marco’s done a great job at renovating the place, and transforming it into a superb facility. Wish I could get back up there and run another F Series race.

I ran tag there 2 years ago and practiced in a shifter. Had both my contacts fall out of my eyes in the shifter going down the long straight at top speed…I had forgot to blink.

Very smooth and very fast. I ran my shifter and had a great time. It may be out of the way but it was worth the trip for me. Most places I go with my 250 shifter do not give me the room I need to open it up. Sounds like you had fun on a shifter there also.