Newbie at 42

Where are you located?

New Carlisle, IN

What age bracket are you in? Junior (<16), Senior (16+) or Masters (30+)

Masters (42)

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mechanical ability, or willingness to wrench on things?

Willingness is 8-10

Mechanical Ability - able to follow most directions with minimal assistance.

Talk a little about your racing experience so far.

Mostly indoor K1, SIK, and way too many sim hours to count. Was going to spend a lot of money on a new sim setup and decided to go karting instead.

What’s the main thing you need help with to get you started.

Really just looking to meet new friends and hang with people with mutual interests. I happen to live close to MRP and I have been working with Sean from J3. He’s been a tremendous resource. Looking forward to the journey


Welcome you’ve come to the right spot. Sounds like you’ve got a good start with Sean, he’s as nice a guy as you’ll find and super knowledgable and J3 is a great resource.

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If you’re in Indiana new castle is a great place to race and I’m there often, used to run 206 so I’m very willing to give any advice for set up etc…

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Welcome, this community is a great resource!

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Welcome. I’m a noob at age 56. It’s great fun.


Welcome! Enjoy the ride.

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Thanks for the support. Looking forward to the spring.

New Castle looks like a great place to run. I plan to make an occasional appearance once I am skilled enough to be safe.

I have a kart and a stand and have been putting together some essential things like tools and consumables.

206 build will be next.

Again, big thanks to Sean from J3.

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While sim doesn’t hold a candle to the real thing, if you get into this, consider sim down the road as an option. Seat time IRL tends to be more of a time commitment and, speaking for myself, it’s hard to find the time to run as much as I’d like. My sim shenangans keep me sharp and learning between races.

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Welcome to the dark side! :rofl:

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Thanks man. I intend to be a thorn amongst the roses, or a rose among the thorns…whichever is faster.

Im still using the sim quite a bit to stay sharp. When it doesn’t have a young person playing Minecraft in it

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While I had some dirt racing in the 90’s, i didn’t start real kart racing until i was 46. I could not have been more trilled to have picked sprint racing over getting back into dirt.