Newbie - help with planning - common chassis spares

Hi Guys,

My and son and I are starting to run and maintain our own kart next year. Our goal next year is simply to learn and get up to speed.

I already secured an IPK mini chassis and we are looking put a minirok engine on it.

As part of my planning, I wanted to get your inputs on common chassis parts which need replacing in the span of a year. I want to make sure we have spares to maximize track time. Our initial plan is to do at least a couple of track days a month with 70-100 laps each.

I understand chains, sprockets and brake pads are consumables.


Just keeping everything snugged down periodically is always good insurance, but extra relevant fasteners (nuts, bolts, washers, etc), maybe any relevant springs, tie rods, safety wire, zip ties…trying to think of other stuff but can’t ATM. If you think you’ll need to change a set at the track, then tires (& the tools to swap them).

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We try to keep a set of spindles, 4 kingpins, 3 sets of tierods, a couple steering shafts, and an axle on hand.


The Sniper Laser Alignment set is a good way to see if any of the above items are bent very quickly. Not always a lot of time between sessions to check and replace stuff.

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I would recommend some frame protectors. They are plastic bits that go under chassis. These tend to need replacing every so often as they wear down. Visual inspection shows when they are thin.

Assuming you are on a chassis that is supported locally, I’d think most of the parts you’d need would be available trackside?

@CrocIndy would you happen to know if these are unique per chassis brand?

@GregF would you recommend getting just the front geometry lasers only?

@Bimodal_Rocket yes planning to get those as well. local support… thats the problem. the local supplier does not stock a lot of parts so I need to figure out whats specific to my chassis and order them in advance.

The front lasers setup should do well enough. They can pick up quite a bit. Most local shops have a frame table that can adjust front to rear issues as needed, but the side to side with caster sweeps can highlight if something is not right.

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Typically you want your brand specific spindles. The other parts I listed, are mostly interchangeable. Just make sure it’s the correct diameter kingpin, correct diameter steering shaft, and correct length tie rods.

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