Newbie seeking some advice about LO206 build

I am trying to learn and get my head around karting, as I am trying to get my son (17) into the seat. We’ve decided on the LO206 route for both cost and ease. I am mechanically pretty decent…and I’ve looked at some turnkey karts for sale…I also see quite a few chassis for sale. Since the motor is standard, I’m thinking I could probably handle adding it to the kart…the question I have is about rolling chassis that I see for sale…is there a specific chassis I need to be on the look out for, or can most chassis work? Say I find a used Margay Expert shifter chassis…can it be modified to run the LO206? Thanks for the assistance, just trying to learn!

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Ideally, a softer chassis would be ideal for the 206 to help the chassis flex with so little power.

Practically a good number of chassis can fit the 206, as long as you have the right engine mount.

I wouldn’t do a shifter chassis. You can get things to fit many chassis, but getting it to work is the issue.
I run a non 206 chassis with a 206 and it has it’s problems. I fight it and am going to see what I can do about making a change soon. Essentially I put a 206 on something we had a KT100 on when KT100 got dropped by out track. The upside is I like the 206 class enough to stay in it.

Getting a good assessment on what to buy is hard. Most don’t have the experience with many at the same time. A chassis like a Coyote designed for a 206 is going to be an advantage over something designed for a TAG.
Just as an example

If money is not an issue buying new with local support has it’s plusses. What you don’t want to do is pay extra for support and not get it.

My advice is to not be in too much of a rush and make a mistake.

You can make just about any chassis work but some will be more difficult.

Buying a chassis made for 4 stroke does make it easier. A good deal up front may require a few hundred dollars of fab work later. If not fab work there can be more frustration.

Look for a Coyote, MGM, Margay, Ionic, VLR and a few others. There are some typical 2 stroke brands that have come out with 4 stroke chassis’ but have done so recently and can be a bit higher priced since only a few years old.

Where are you located? This could help us point you in a direction on local support vs brand etc.

Hey Mark, where in the country you located?

Hi everyone, thanks for the information. I actually found a margay kart that is already fitted with an LO206 clone, so hopefully that will make things easier…I’m hoping to try to let him get some seat time in on the clone motor and then purchase a new motor to go racing. Thanks again everyone for the information, I’m sure I’ll be on here asking LOTS of questions!!

This caught my eye. Are you looking to race in a 206 class, or are you looking for something to just turn laps?

If it’s a 206 class then you have to run a sealed Briggs 206. Ideally with the updated seal.

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Hi, we are hoping to get some practice in on the clone engine before purchasing the sealed one.

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