Newbie trying to understand rules..bodywork help?

Hi, my sons and I have purchased a used kart to run in the LO206 Senior class and we are reading everything we can get our hands on. I have been track rules in our region (Twin Fountains Raceway is one) and I’m confused as to what is referred to as a CIK body. The rule book says:

CIK BODY AND SEAT RULES will be given 10 lb weight break (365)

So I’m trying to first understand what the CIK body is, and also why there would be a weight break?

I would also like some opinions as to the debates I see on the forums about fiberglass vs plastic…thoughts for a newbie running in LO206 regarding this? Our kart is a 2005 Margay Brava and has KG Duo bodywork, which looks to be in good shape. Is that ok, be better off keeping the body and spending the money elsewhere?


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You have CIK bodywork. You can tell it apart from the other type because it will generally have a massive nose and most often fibreglass.

So run with what you have for now.

I’m by no means an expert on this specific situation but I think I can help.

CIK bodywork refers to the plastic bumpers you see on most European-built karts. It’s the standard approved bodywork for CIK (the international karting organization branch of the FIA) events, so it’s what comes with almost any “sprint” sit-up style kart you see.

LO206 being an American 4-stroke class, there are some variances in what bodywork people want to run. Most American 4-stroke classes run a full fiberglass body, but LO206 gets a lot of crossover from European brands as well, so there are lots of LO206 karts out there with CIK bodywork as well.

Your Margay with KG bodywork is CIK-spec, so shouldn’t be a problem. The weight-break, I assume, comes because the CIK bodywork isn’t as aerodynamic as the full fiberglass body among other things.

Bottom line, your bodywork is CIK, you’re fine. It’ll make almost no difference either way.


Thanks so much for the info guys, glad to hear I won’t need to spend any $$ upgrading the bodywork!!

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I’d be running CIK all the time for a 10 pound weight break. :smiley:


So to use a picture stolen from another thread, the green and white #2 in front has CIK or “European-style” bodywork. The all-white #6 behind him has “American-style” bodywork.


Perfect…thank you…I now have a very clear understanding!

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