Newer Style CIK Bodywork

Is that pic of Manetti from Carole?

Yep this race;

I was going to post this video as well with Manetti’s huge nose cone.

Epic race.

It was supposed to have been designed by a Lotus F1 guy who’s name totally escapes me.

The tony kart kit doesn’t look too bad. That black kit though… Ugh.

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From my understanding and limited conversations with respect to aero with OTK, they believe the biggest gain is to be found in simply getting the air around the driver. This is the reason the front ”lip” that can be added to the noses exists, it’s to help move air over the drivers feet and help move that flow upward rather than straight into the drivers chest which may as well be a sail. The secondary objective is directing Air that can’t be “avoided” for lack of a better word to a location it serves a purpose, cooling the front brakes, radiator, Airbox etc hence the shape of the nose.

Interestingly, when the topic downforce comes up, I’d assume that the CRG NA2 generates the most as when used on a road course at high speed it isn’t uncommon to hear it being pushed down into the ground. I’m assuming the newest Birel will be similar, but more rigid lengthwise to prevent this.

Also on the topic, a few years back when Lennox was with CRG and ran the retro kit in KZ/S1, he used KG MK14 which rumor has it was because it had better grip in certain faster corners. To be honest i sort of scoffed at the idea and wrote it off as people trying to come up with a technical justification for a last minute “good enough” fix. Then a couple months later in Italy i asked Camponeschi (with Tony Kart at the time) about it and he said they had done a bunch of testing and found it to be true.

Back to newly released stuff, does anyone else see the new KG nose as a pretty blatant “reimagining” of the OTK M6? Looks to me like once homologation opened up all the manufacturers that were using OTK M6 got a non OTK alternative. Which has got to be annoying to OTK since KG OEM’s their bodywork.



I thought the same thing on the new KG stuff. But KG has done this before with the NA2 knock offs.

Whenever the rules are similar for number of years the solutions tend to converge, and typically to the option used by the more successful teams. OTK should be used to it, many frames are basically the same shape as the Racer now.

True, outside Zanardi/Kart Republic i cant name a chassis that has any success now that isn’t that design.

I’m very interested to see how Kart Republic goes. It seems Dino has used an outsider to manufacturer the frame (a race car tube manufacturer).

I am too. I love the look of the Kart Republic. So unique to me. I may have to save my money for one of those when it comes to the States.

I’ve been watching a lot of mid-90s karting, mostly Formula Super A, on YouTube. I love the simplicity of the bodywork is that era and how all the karts are standardized.

It just happened organically, there were differences, but there were minute with the exception of some more streamlined ones that I can’t recall the name of.

Have you found any more info on this other than the snippet on TKart?

Could there be an agreement of some sort in place here maybe?

Nothing more then what I observed from photos. It seems to use Parolin components on the front end (stubs, caster camber kits) but the rear looks like intrepid/skm parts (bearing hangers).

Having said that its entirely possible he liked those components and took them to Breda Racing to manufacturer.

Theres three chassis KR1 (KZ all 32mm tubing), KR2 (supposedly Rotax, X30 and OK, 30/32mm tubing mix and incidentally comes with a short 1020 axle)) and the KR3.

The KR3 is interesting, instead of two rails running from the yoke to the rear of the chassis. They’ve gone with two loops, one runs from one side at the rear, under the front of the seat and ends at the other side at the rear. The other loops from yoke to yoke under the front of the fuel tank. Both loops are linked by two side rails beside the tank. You can sort of see it on the image below:

They are saying this allows them to use different material on the front to the rear. I hope this is the chassis that turns up at Supernats. This design would be heavily reliant on weld quality and consistency which might be why he went with Breda Racing.


first thing that pops into my head:

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I’ve run that fairing. It’s good stuff.

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Me too. The HEGAR fairing is awesome, and looks pretty good IMO.

Similar to the Haase Blizzard, then?


Similar concept, different application (rail loops around front of fuel tank).

I knew it had been done before but couldn’t remember where. I’m sure there’s others too.