Next Korsasport: Karting 101 Video - You decide!

What would you like to learn about in the next Karting 101 video?
  • Body Posture/Steering
  • Basic Chassis Dynamics
  • Intro to Data Analysis
  • Other (comment to specify)

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I have a few topics I’d like to cover in future videos. We’ve already done the basics of the racing line and covered some of the general theories on braking in my first two videos of the series (Karting 101 : Lesson 1 - The Racing Line and Apexes - YouTube and, but I want to make sure people are getting a say in what they want to learn about. I have a perspective on what’s important, but I’m 20 years into this sport so maybe I have a blind spot for what someone who is newer to the sport might be interested in. Feel free to vote and leave a comment if you have other suggestions.

In the future, all of these topics will probably be covered, but with a more-than-full-time job and an almost-1-year old, it might be a while until I get to everything.

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I have enjoyed your previous videos. I chose the basic chassis dynamics. Not sure if this fits in that heading but listing chassis problems and potential solutions is something I would like to have at the track. I know its not always a simple answer but we all experience similar issues but there are usually many option to address the issue. Some of the solutions may have unintended consequences too, so having a list of tried and true go to changes would be great.

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I have to agree with Robert also. I’m more interested in chassis tuning… What to look for and change if the kart is behaving in a certain way from turn-in to apex, at the apex, from apex to track out.

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All of them would be good topics specially for those just starting out.

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I think the data would be helpful for me. A solid and measurable thing that can be analyzed to figure stuff out

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Good thoughts all. I plan on doing a tech tips series with quick videos discussing the effects of each adjustment on the kart, the problem is I don’t have a kart so I’m a bit delayed on those.

But an overview of chassis dynamics would probably be very helpful. I think we need to know how the kart works if we really want to understand how to drive it.

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What, no one wants to talk posture?


Just doubled the vote %! :wink:


I’ll start making notes for a Chassis Dynamics video and we will start with that. That actually would pair nicely with how body posture affects the kart so maybe I’ll do a combo video.

Data seems like a popular ask as well so I’ll see what I can whip up on that too.

Thanks for voting everyone!


LOVE your technical videos, TJ! Keep 'em coming!
I’d like to hear your comments and suggestions on Race Craft.
Specifically, how to set up a pass.

I’d like to see a video on tires and how to read them.
Also carburation would be nice topic.