NGK R7282 spark plugs

Any of you guys running the NGK R7282 spark plug… and if so what are your experience using these?

My experience has been that they are extremely expensive :joy:

I would assume the platinum electrode is what drives up the cost, and they are supposed to be less susceptible to fouling. Really the most practical benefit is that they are low profile, but I don’t think that’s worth the premium.

I used to drive KZ and used one for the last 3 years. Sold my KZ gear at the start of the year. Same plug still in it. For KZ at least, in my experience, i’ve never seen anybody not use one.

$40 for one plug! That’s crazy

The cap is even worse!

We ran them on the Hondas. I don’t think I ever fouled one or needed to change it out for a couple of years.

Thats what I’ve also read / heard. They last long and dont foul easily.

Do they also burn the mixture better? More heat / power loss?

Honestly I have no idea. Joey Wimsett told my dad to buy them on a weekend I had to arrive late so he did. I did like that the plug/boot stack was quite a bit shorter than the standard plug.

They are offered in the same heat ranges, so while I don’t have data to back this up, I don’t see how there could be any appreciable difference in power. Definitely looks better, and some require the added clearance, but I would say the “need” for those with KZ is voodoo…doesn’t keep me from wanting to use that configuration though :rofl:

I always looked at them as being harder to catch your arm on because they’re shorter.

Iridium gives the ability to have a fine wire plug with very focused energy. Not really a performance thing other than arguably better combustion at partial throttle. You get that from any of the EIX plugs however.

The retracted electrode and insulator core makes them a little less prone to fouling

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Aside from being shorter, that cap locks on way harder than the standard ones do.