Nitro parts

We have just obtained a nitro kart, I’m curious what other type of kart parts will fit a nitro? And where is a good place to buy nitro parts? Their own website is very lackluster for parts. Thank you for the help.

It’s a rebranded Parolin…

You want a spare roller? I’ll sell you the whole thing and you’ll have a whole bunch of spare parts.

I swear some of the full size leftys are made by MGM but I might be wrong. Just what I heard at one point.

Yes, full-size Leftys are mostly MGM w/ a few Parolin steering parts and nerfs, rear bumper.

The Cadets (Lefty or righty) are built by Parolin.

I’ll also say that Nitro is very responsive if you email them telling them what you need. I agree their webstore is far from the best - but they have everything needed whether it is easily found on the site or not. I’ve also found a couple of things using the search feature in their webstore that I could not find on the site otherwise.

That is correct.

Full Size = MGM
Cadet = Parolin

Any time you don’t say which one, everyone is going to assume you’re talking about the cadet. It is infinitely more popular than the full size.

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They are but nobody asks about an adult Nitro ever…

@fatboy1dh has the only one I’ve ever seen in person.

Yeah this is true. There were a couple at grands but not very popular in general.

@fatboy1dh - Did you like the full-size lefty? Any particular reason you are not running it now?

In the not-too-distant future my little guy moves up from cadet, and considering the full-size lefty given how much I’ve appreciated the ease of working on his cadet lefty and the fact it seems the “normal” MGM chassis are very competitive… but I also never see the full-size lefty for whatever reason so that has me questioning the approach.

Lefty = lo206 on other side? (Clarifying for new folks who haven’t been following the outboard/inboard debate.)

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Yessir. From maintenance perspective it’s nice, as clutch is not buried between the seat and engine, and sprockets can be 1-piece.

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I’m also curious about this. Since 206 chassis need a lot of flex, I have found that I can feel the chassis tighten up from chain tension, so I imagine the really far outboard chain of a lefty must feel different. No idea if better, worse, or just different.

The ability to change clutch springs or the sprocket so easily is a huge attraction for me, and my daughter has Cadet karts on the horizon.

I still run the lefty. My son runs the cadet. We are just upgrading to something that fits his driving style a little more.

I have owned multiple lefty chasses of different brands (Comet Eagle, MGM, Ionic Edge). There is 0 feel difference between any of them compared to their righty counterparts. They feel exactly the same. Tune exactly the same. I only run them because I like to go fast (want big manufacturer tuning knowledge), but I like to be different.

Thanks for the insight on the full-size lefty.

So - popular or not, full-size can be just as competitive outside of the whole “it isn’t as common so probably a little less tuning knowledge out there to take advantage of”… that a fair read on it?

Richard, I apologize. I dont think I said that in the way I wanted. I would take your statement and change it to this:

Full size lefty can be exactly as competitive as an MGM because it is just an MGM. The tuning knowledge that MGM has can be directly applied to that Nitro kart.

As for the popularity… I don’t think they are as popular because the draw of the gimmick is less for juniors/adults then it is for cadet parents. In the full size market kart world, uniqueness is not embraced as it is with cadet parents looking to get their little racer every advantage possible (even if it is just perceived).

Thank you very much! Understood.

We’ve been club racing to date, have not seen a full-size lefty in the flesh at the club track, and have only seen 1 MGM in Senior Heavy. Does the MGM do pretty good w/ Juniors, or does it come more into its own with the senior LO206 classes and their higher weight limits?

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I would say most of their success is in Senior classes. However, one of the fastest juniors I have ever seen was on an MGM and G&J in Ohio.

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For the CKNA races I’ve been at, especially grand nationals there’s usually a couple MGMs who are really fast in the senior classes and always up front. Haven’t seen that as much from the leftys but I know a lefty was top 10 all weekend at spring nationals at Charlotte this year and one finished 3rd in junior at grands last year so they can work. Personally I’d just get an MGM if I was intrested in an adult lefty though.

For what it’s worth. The Honda Cadet class in the UK is predominantly lefty. Possibly due to the small stature of the drivers.