No spark condition solved, FINALLY!

Hello Fellow Karters, just wanted to share what i found to be the culprit of a no spark condition. Went through all the routine checks etc etc…come to find out BAD CAP. Who would have thought right? It was a first for me, so dont ever rule it out or not check it because it does happen. Rarely im sure. Have a good one.


Either my phone or that website is essentially non functional. Probably wait a while before dropping it in topics. Then I can overlook the possibility of it being a spam post.

I don’t trust that gokartdude website linked. It looks like it’s been fully created by ChatGPT, filled with bizarre wording and complete inaccuracies. Wouldn’t use that site for any informational purposes.

What’s the deal with the website’s “creator”, “Isaac”'s photos in the About Us section? In Ferrari gear, sitting in some Formula car and wearing Oli Bearman’s undershirt…


Let see if they come back in 3023?


I was very thrown off when he mentioned a capacitor in his response. Do we even run capacitors on our engines?

Even the language in the response seemed very off for a karting forum, or any casual forum really.

I think based on the OP the word CAP which we all know means the rubber boot, was interpreted as capacitor. Weird stuff.

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You didn’t have the flux capacitor on at Grands?

Actually some (Probably most) ignitions do have capacitors so I didn’t even catch that LOL

Thank you Ryan for you positive feedback. It means a lot. I will look into the info you sent me too.

don´t ! Read posts abobe he is a spammer and is now bannaed from the forum…

Spam risk acknowledged. Thanks for the heads up everyone. You just never know these days