Nomex Racing Suit

I have a 3 layer Sparco SFI 5 Nomex suit, I imagine it will be much heavier then a kart suit, other then that are kart suits really that much stronger?

Nomex is not legal for karting.

Nomex is useless in a kart. It shreds under abrasion. A Nomex suit is as safe as a t-shirt and shorts if you go skidding across the track. Karting suits are made of abrasion-resistant cordura or similar materials.

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It’s more like motorcycle protection than car, sorta.


I’m very familiar with these suits I have to wear these suits in pro- mod racing. The only good they have is for fire resistance that’s it. I’m new to karting but I don’t think they would do you any good if you got into a wreck, and you slide across the ground. Because they would rip to shreds. I also was going to ask this type of question because I was wanting to know if a motorcycle suit would work because they have these plastic inlay’s to help you as you slide. Because I feel if it is good for motorcycle racing it should be good for kart racing to.

Depending on your series, it may be allowed or may not be allowed.

Typically long circuit racing (shifter karts on big car circuits doing 100mph) tend to wear motorcycle leathers (although i can’t remember the regulation they need to comply to). Motorcycle leathers are probably better (then kart suits), they are just uncomfortable lol.


A motorcycle suit is more comparable to a kart suit than a nomex one. However, most motorcycle suits have spine protection that was not designed to sit in a kart seat. The bulge could be uncomfortable or push you forward in the seat throwing off your balance.

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But can you or not get them without spine protection. I’ve seen some nice ones my friends have that is really flexible. But they still had the arm inserts in them, and the leg inserts as well. I thought you could get it without the back protection also maybe not I could be wrong.

I have seen some where the internal protection is removable. Forearm, elbow, knee, spine. Usually these are on Higher End suits. More affordable to go with a Karting Suit unless you plan on using for duel applications.