Noobie here, what’s this stuff worth?

Hi everyone, I’ve come here in hopes to get some expert opinions on what this stuff is worth. I know little to nothing about karting and I ended up trading a yamaha dirtbike for all this stuff. If anyone could give me any info on what this stuff could be worth that would be greatly appreciated!!!

It’s a titan t4 kart with a supposedly built motor, comes with pit cart, lots of parts, body work, bumpers, and many wheels and tires

Here are some pics

Full toolbox full of random parts and sprokets, and a stock engine. I’m looking to sell all of it so if anyone could help i would be very greatful!!

No idea if this is true or not but this is what the guy said was done to the motor


I don’t have experience with oval karts, but you have what looks to be a fairly complete oval set up. My concern is when I look it everything you have it looks used and maybe not well cared for. “Rode hard put away wet” comes to mind. While the motor may be “built” it also was used. Was it used to the point where its worn out? Maybe. Judging the appearance of what you have only the body and nerf bars looks new. With that said, I would guess you have about $1500 to maybe $2500 worth of value depending on the age and condition to the chassis and motor.

If you have an oval (dirt or asphalt) track near you that may help value this as others will have knowledge and it would more easily be sold if that is what you are looking to do.

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Was thinking that it looks like someone’s complete race program for weekend fun. Multiple sets of rims, gears, compressor, etc.

For some reason we don’t attract many of our right-turn challenged brethren (I kid) to this forum. I wonder if Bobs 4-Cycle forums would be more useful to you. They appear to be active and might have classifieds etc.

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Thanks for your input, much appreciated