Noram clutch tuning


I was trying to take my clutch off my 206 to figure out what kind it was. I wasn’t able to take it off the crankshaft as it seemed to be stuck. I guess there’s something holding it on. I’ve been researching and I think there is a snap ring which is holding it in place that I need to pull off.

Once I remove it, I can then figure out what kind of Noram it is; I’m pretty sure it’s a Noram. I just don’t know if it’s a GE or Magnum. I guess this may become obvious once I take it off the engine…

Once I get the clutch off, my plan was to clean it and then figure out what I can do to tune it. I’ve been reading up on inboard/outboard rotation, light/heavy duty springs, clutch shoes etc and I’m rather confused! What is inboard/outboard rotation?

I’m running a Cadet LO206 and I gather I need to try and tune the clutch for a particular RPM. I’m just not sure what RPM/torque I’m meant to be targetting. I read somewhere about using a set of bathroom scales to check clutch engagement (I need to read up on that much more to understand why we need to do this) …There are lots of articles out there but I haven’t yet come across one place that gives a good explanation of what I need to do with my particular clutch and why.

I had a look at the Noram website and that does give details on clutch specifications and expected behaviour if we use heavy or light shoes. However, it doesn’t bridge the gap between A) my current lack of understanding in this area and 2), what type of clutch engagement do I want (rapid, moderate, smooth/gradual), and why.

I’ll keep on researching!