NorCal Karters Podcast /w Jason Berry ep1

@Norcal_Karters has kicked off a new podcast. I joined Jason for the first episode and we talked karting, of course.


Thank you James for being our first guest on the podcast. If anyone is wondering why at the end its an abrupt ending and no closing, well, I had to cut James off. I’m working on my finish touch skills, but it was a great segment. James and I spent a bit of time the day before working out the sound issues.

I’m open to all feedback and suggestions so I can improve on the show as it evolves.

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Loved the Podcast! I am new to karting and in Nor Cal. I plan on racing at Sonoma and I’m a member of Dixon already. Your Podcast is perfect for me! I look forward to your upcoming material.


I thought we made it just under the 15min mark. Oh well, we’ll have to do another :blush:

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Hi Robert. Thank you for the feedback. What specific topics are of interest to you?

You guys do bring up a good point regarding racing. Now, it’s all I care about, but at the beginning I didn’t want to race. I wasn’t ready.

It was really hard finding recreational karting that is similar to the racing I do now. There’s plenty of “fun” karts like k1 speed but very little “so you wanna see what 2-stroke is?” Karting experiences.

They do exist. I went out to Oxnard to Jim Halls for a few years and good tracks like DKC and I bet gopro offer 2 stroke rentals.
But rentals alone aren’t enough. You gotta put people in them in a way that offers more than “here ya go, have at it.”.

So yah a “fun” bring a friend day of lapping, Mexican Cokes and tacos (or pizza) sounds like a great idea.

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Something similar to this!

Shifter Day and BBQ - BlueMax

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Yah. I was thinking that sounded fun and a good way to get a friend out in track. Low key day where focus is to get others round the track as well.

Pretty much everything lol. Depending on how many you are doing, might be cool to do some series. I know from my recent experience it’s very hard to find info on the kart world. I would have loved a series for new kart folks and some going over more complex kart issues at a low level. I’ve listed some ideas. It would be awesome to hear you and various kart guys discuss everything under the sun!

New to Karts series possible ideas

  1. Picking the right kart
  2. Types of Karts
  3. What race group is right for me
  4. Maintenance, what’s required

Series for racing

  1. Tires (types, compounds, pressure)
  2. Chassis and set up
  3. Engines types (maintenance tips from the pro’s!)
  4. Driving techniques (would be great to hear different front runners discuss)

Good news is you have endless pod cast options. Maybe I’ll win some races one day and get to come on :+1:t2:.

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Id definitely be interested in those types of subjects.

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Why do you need to be a front runner to come on my podcast?

Let’s get you lined up. PM me

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