NorCal Karters Podcast /w Jason Berry ep1

(James McMahon) #1

@Norcal_Karters has kicked off a new podcast. I joined Jason for the first episode and we talked karting, of course.

(Jason Berry) #2

Thank you James for being our first guest on the podcast. If anyone is wondering why at the end its an abrupt ending and no closing, well, I had to cut James off. I’m working on my finish touch skills, but it was a great segment. James and I spent a bit of time the day before working out the sound issues.

I’m open to all feedback and suggestions so I can improve on the show as it evolves.

(Robert) #3

Loved the Podcast! I am new to karting and in Nor Cal. I plan on racing at Sonoma and I’m a member of Dixon already. Your Podcast is perfect for me! I look forward to your upcoming material.

(James McMahon) #4

I thought we made it just under the 15min mark. Oh well, we’ll have to do another :blush:

(Jason Berry) #5

Hi Robert. Thank you for the feedback. What specific topics are of interest to you?

(Dom Callan) #6

You guys do bring up a good point regarding racing. Now, it’s all I care about, but at the beginning I didn’t want to race. I wasn’t ready.

It was really hard finding recreational karting that is similar to the racing I do now. There’s plenty of “fun” karts like k1 speed but very little “so you wanna see what 2-stroke is?” Karting experiences.

They do exist. I went out to Oxnard to Jim Halls for a few years and good tracks like DKC and I bet gopro offer 2 stroke rentals.
But rentals alone aren’t enough. You gotta put people in them in a way that offers more than “here ya go, have at it.”.

So yah a “fun” bring a friend day of lapping, Mexican Cokes and tacos (or pizza) sounds like a great idea.