Norcal karting series?

Hey guys, I’m a 20 year old in Northern california and now that I have some income, I’m finally able to start racing. I want to start karting in some series here but I dont know where to start or what kart size I would buy. I’m interested in the fastest series of karts I can race and I want to drive on all the big track up here like laguna seca and sonoma. I have some racing experience from lemons, and I also play a lot of iracing so I’m trying to just jump straight into this. I don’t have that much experience wrenching, but I know the basics and I want to gain experience as I go along. Could someone reccomend some good series that race quite a few times a year and also the names of kart classes I should look into? Thanks

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You’re in a great spot for what’s called “road racing” for Karting

@Norcal_Karters is your guy to get you connected. Jason has a podcast dedicated to NorCal Karting too!

Any idea what a good size kart I should be looking at would be? Like 125cc or 250cc or something? Also what are the best websites for selling and buying karts? I’ve been looking around at like craigslist and theres not a lot.

I’d say 125cc (two stroke) max to start off. Even with that you’re turning formula car times and getting into three digits on the straights.

When Jason chimes in I’m sure I’ll have some ideas on good used equipment.

What does your budget look like for kart, gear, tools and ongoing costs?

The KPX series is Northern Ca and you could run in the Sr. KA class. Not as fast as a shifter but certainly a great package.