Now, That's a two stroke pipe! from 2STROKE STUFFING

2stroke stuffing just upload a video about his engine he is building. It turns out to be a great video about how 2 stroke engine works especially the pipe. the way he explains is pretty interesting if anyone is interested about how 2 stoke engine works.

here is the link:


This is one of the handful of channels I sub to. Nice share.

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I think all 2 stroke engines I have seen are piston port with reeds. Is there another way?

I think I understand the meaning of being “on the pipe” now.

The pipe does the heavy lifting but it’s most effective at a certain RPM.

Rotary valves. There’s a plate attached to the crank with a cut out that is timed for the intake stroke.


Thus Ro-tax? Originally rotaries?

They got started with airplane engines and that probably has more to do with it.

Worth noting that he has a rotary EXHAUST valve which is basically not even a thing that’s been implemented. Generally the rotary valve is on the intake. He’s actually even got one inlet on here with no reeds. Belt driven super charger. Fuel injection feeding it with nitromethanol too.

The engine is completely bonkers and I love it.

I think Rotax started off making four strokes in the 30’s… ish?


The Rotax Company started back in 1920 building bicycle axles in the German city of Dresden. These early axles were revolutionary at the time as they allowed you to “coast” when you stopped peddling. The term ROT-AX came from “Rotating Axle”, abbreviated to ROTAX.


Same here. I have been subscribed for a few years now myself. I stumbled across his channel while looking up how to rebuild a two-stroke. I would love to have a shop like his to play around with engine building.

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You guys familiar with Aumechanic? I found his stuff interesting.

Hi all,

As an avid 2 Stroke pipe fanatic and EngMod2T user I made this video using WaveViewer2T to show the actual pressure waves in a two stroke pipe and how it works better than a plain (4T) pipe and a diffuser only pipe by showing comparing the waves in all of the pipes.


Dave :blush: