Now this was my Days of racing!

The 70s McCulloh sprint Kart Days on a RUPP !!! Found on youtube…


Awesome to see 103rd way back in the day. I got my shifter “career” started club racing there. Such a unique and fun track! Had some great battles in those club races and in SKUSA events.

Awesome video. 103rd is a fun track, and very unique compared to many tracks. Very interesting to see the racecraft as well. Tucking for aero, even back in the 70s. Also they are defending from lap 1, so I don’t want to hear anyone complain that it’s a modern problem! These dudes were white-lining with no bodywork 50 years ago.

Great racing.

Todd Baron, that name sounds so familiar I swear there was a Masters driver at CKNA @ Pitt(same name) he was quite the legend! Same guy?! Very cool video thanks for sharing!

Oh hey perfect… I met a guy at supercharged last night who raced in the way back as well. He sent me this which I believe his dad filmed in 8mm.

Nice meeting ya Tom Hoff!

Only 5 views including mine… that’s gotta change. Click!

The Hoff stable

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That’s cool does anybody have vintage videos of the 70s at Mid-Ohio or Adkins or Elkhart Indiana or Old Rupp factory track Behind Rupp Factory . I ran at all 4 in the 70s ??

I would bet it’s the same Todd Baron. Looks like he’s not only a karting legend (You are being redirected...) but also an accomplished physician (Todd Baron - Wikipedia).

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Yes! The Doctor! Very cool.

Here’s another old-timer video… this was a street race in Port Royal PA. I don’t think I’m in the video, but I do remember it being a really fun time. We ran thru the fairground and into the streets of the town.

1983 Go Kart Port Royal Street Races clip (


Welcome, Tom, thx for sharing!