Nut size? Help needed

I have recently taken my kart home from storage at track for first time. Trying to get the wheels off and I can’t seem to figure out what size these nuts are? It’s a compkart covert 3.0. There seems to be a small inscription on them like D 10 or O 10.

Can anyone tell me the exact size?

If you are referring to the wheel nuts, they should be a 10mm. They look similar to some that I have, and they’re 10mm.

ok thanks, however I just realised the actual surface which comes into contact with wrench is slightly smaller. What size adapter would I need?

It’s a 10mm hex with an 8mm thread. A good five point 10mm should spin them off.

5 point? I was going to say 6 point, because that’s what I use on mine. The rears sometimes needs an extension to reach.

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You’re probably right, I just can’t count :joy:

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We’ll blame it on the lack of racing right now.

GRight. Plus it’s called hex nut for a reason :man_facepalming:

I think Jame meant 6 point, but maybe he just likes the challenge, wants a reason to use that new hammer, thinks it’s April 1st . . .

It did make me ask, “have I been wrong all these years”

I now know there are 5 point sockets available ! ! !

If 10mm socket is loose a 3/8" might fit better. Your nut or 10mm socker could be worn, out of spec, whatever. Buy some extra wheel nuts and extra fasteners in general. Don’t clown around if fasteners are worn or spend 45 minutes looking for that 1 dropped fastener.

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Actually one brand called Penta Socket

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You might need a deep well socket.