Odd tyre graining

4 photos of tyres.
Didnt matter what i did i could not get the left rear tyre to grain (looks under inflated in my opinion but trust me it wasnt). Somewhat didnt struggle with right turns but in saying that was 0.5 off the leaders all day.

Maxxis sport here in Australia.
Pressure varied between 13 and 16 on the day.
Most guys in my class were running 13 to 14.

Are you trying to get them to grain?

Looks like fairly normal understeer in right-handers to me.

Edit: sorry understeer in LEFTS, I didn’t notice what direction the photos were oriented.

Maybe graining is the wrong word here.

3 of my tyres look the same as the guys at the front.
To me the back left just looks different. Almost like i have driven in the wet on slicks.

I probably did have a little understeer. Kart was not so much setup to make fast lap times, but give me an advantage in certain corners to make a pass in the next corner.

I don’t really see too much of a difference doesn’t look unusual to me.

Here is a long topic that might give you some more data to compare to:

That LR looks normal for a predominantly left turn track. :man_shrugging:t2:

I wouldn’t worry about what the front runners tires look like.

I’m not sure why you’re setting up for certain corners vs faster overall laps when you’re .5 off the leaders? I would tune the kart for fast overall laps and then worry about setting up passes with driving.


I know what your saying but i qualified too far back on relatively short races. Needed starting position for the final. Didnt really get there.

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