Off topic; need a car shipped from OK to NJ... need recco

Bot a car in Tulsa, need to get it to NJ.

Anyone recommend a transport solution? Car carriers seem all over the place in terms of pricing etc.

I’ve used the Uship marketplace to move stuff around.

Well, now nosily I want to know if it’s a cool car!

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I have shipped several cars via UShip. SGT Auto Transport has usually offered the best bid and their service has been good.

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Apparently no one in OK wants to buy Mach-E’s. :sunglasses:

Not sure if cool. It’s a clown shoe mustang. I scared the sales guy as these electrics are sneaky quik. But kind of heavy. I guess it’s cool if you look at it in certain ways.

Sort of like that crazy fast vacuum car that also looks like a shoe.

All, Thank you very much!!!

Nice! Hopefully it ends up being reliable. They have some cool features and details but have had a fair number of recalls and quality issues popping up lately too.

But probably a decent time to buy an EV now that the hype is cooling and prices are coming down big time.

My spouse discovered an arbitrage opportunity in that tax credits vary from state to state and the cars are hard to move in some states. It was worth it. Ford also seems to have their shit together and you get nice bang for buck. Unfortunately it’s not the GT, but it’s still plenty quick.

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I tried to get my MIL to buy one too, selfishly so I could drive it too.

Congrats on the car!

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Quite popular in Phoenix. We almost bought a GT for my wife as a commuter, but last minute she switched jobs and works from home now.

Let’s us know what you think about it after you get some time with it.

This is Nicks doing. The x3 threw the timing belt and it’s a total loss pretty much. Rather than new engine we went a different route.

Nick really wanted to do electric and we looked at a bunch of them. Some are more interesting than others. The interiors vary from crazy cool (mini cooper) to pretty bland parts bin sedan.

What remains to be seen is driving enjoyment. The power is linear and strong but in wonder if the lack of engine feel/noise will detract longer term. I personally really like the canned noises at supercharged and would like that in car as well. There are some vroom noise options but no KZ or V8 ford crate engine or whatever.

We were about to pull the trigger on this one but Romain got it first!

For me I think the appeal of an electric car is silence. No pumped in noise has ever sounded great and tends to mess with the stereos performance. I was really disappointed in my X5M that supposedly had this amazing sound system. Stationary it was great but when driving it sounded terrible. I had to go in and hard coded out the pumped in noise (on a twin turbo V8!). After that the stereo sounded amazing.