Ohio Kart Tracks

I have been in Ocala for the winter driving Rotax rentals. Just picked up my new Kart yesterday it has an X30. I am based in Cleveland Ohio for the summer and want to start practicing/racing which tracks in mid Ohio/Northern Ohio have X30 classes?

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Thompson Raceway and Pitt Race are probably the two closest tracks to you geographically, sadly I don’t think either races TAG classes.

Honestly, not many in the midwest race TAG at all, you have to go to New Castle, which has a GREAT club program, to really find competitive TAG racing around here.

We race OVKA at G&J Kartway and if you show up with a TAG they will probably throw you in with 80cc shifter (if any show up) and let you race but there won’t be a field to compete against.

Circleville is another track that you could go practice at in central ohio. 2019 is the first year they’ve had any organized racing in a few years but again no TAG class.

So in summary…go to New Castle :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice. I thought there would be more TAG classes up here. There was a bunch of them in ocala this winter and spring. I guess i will be driving to Circleville this summer. Do you race there frequently? Hoping there are people there willing to give advice my experience is about zero so it will be a steep learning curve!