Oil coming out of the exhaust - normal?

Hi there, I’ve just brought a cadet kart for my son, with a Mini Rok engine.

When running, and after running, there is a steady drip of oil out of the exhaust. Is this normal?

I was playing around with the air-fuel screw, so could making the mixture too rich have caused this? I was trying to stop the kart from stalling, but have since read in other posts that this is quite normal.

Thanks for any help you can offer. I’m a newbie to this, so will likely have many silly questions and keep the forum busy!

If your kid is still learning and not going flat out, he won’t be generating enough heat in the engine or exhaust to burn all the fuel and oil completely.
Generally speaking what you have described is normal for beginners.

That’s great, thanks, makes perfect sense. He hasn’t actually driven it yet, first time tomorrow! just run it a bit in the garage, so it wouldn’t be heating up at all. Thanks!

Even running at pace you will get some oil. Remember they use oil for lubrication so you will see this, especially at joints in the exhaust. Don’t tune or adjust by this though. Some will use the plug to adjust, temperatures are another way to adjust too. Start with a baseline adjustment and go from there.

Thanks Robert. He had a first good run in the kart at the weekend, and there is much less oil now, so really needed that heat in the engine!