Oiling Air filter!

I heard from a moto guy that when they wash their air filter you have to put some kind of oil to catch dust? Is this a thing in karting?

Yes, its absolutely a thing in karting. Really important in sandy areas.

Really depends on what type of air filter you have, if you even have one. A foam or fabric filter is best to oil, some of the CIK airboxes use a paper filter which shouldn’t be oiled. Some of the airboxes don’t have a filter at all, and people will use oil or grease inside to help catch dust and debris.

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Correct it depends on which filter you are running. Oil is good for the sponge-type or wire/fabric types. If you decide to oil it, use a specific cleaning and oil kit, like the K&N. Anything else will make it a pasty mess really fast

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I have the one thats iame labeld and has a foam like tube inside! I dont really drive when its dusty cuz im in sweden but now italy