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Anyone know what the deal with OKC is Monday’s and Tuesday’s? The track isn’t closed but it’s closed to rentals. Is it like an owner kart day or something else that they close track for?

Reason I’m asking is that I head out to Orlando every year for work and in past, have done a couple days of lapping, typically renting a speedy kart and mechanic. The lady I used to arrange this with is gone so I don’t have a contact. I haven’t been able to in the past couple years due to this no rentals early week thing.

Im wondering if this is one of those situations where calling a local team and arranging something might work in terms of getting me on track those days.

@Paul_Montopoli is Urace an Orlando outfit? I believe you partner with them iirc.

Do you have Daniel Callegris Costa’s contact info? He’s a manager down there now

I do not! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::nerd_face::slightly_frowning_face:etc etc

Well according to him, the track is completely closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. No owner karts, no rentals

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Ah. The email I got back mentioned something about lessons.

Welllp Andretti it is…:

Aha! It appears that they do some sort of achool those days.
The fella emailed this link:


Assisting novice and experienced drivers, our instructors will simulate real race situations, lead, and follow drivers to provide the best teaching possible. For booking, please complete the form below. To book Saturday or Sunday sessions, please contact us directly by email or phone.

For questions please call (407) 480 2477 ext 113 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Ok so this could be fun.

If I am not mistaken this basically seems like what I want, a bunch of track time, 1/1 with a racer who can give me some pointers. One of the KK fellas from back in the day who really impressed me worked there last time I went and he’s definitely a very very quick dude. Matt aka Penishole. Fastest damn KZ karter in KK till he moved on.

Yes, this is what they do on Mondays and Tuesdays now.

I did a lesson with Daniel and it was a great help, took about 3 hours and we used the 4 strokes but you can also use your kart (this was when my X30 pooed itself lol).

We did lead and follow, lines and braking and utilized the shop as a cool down and instruction area.

I’d highly recommend to anyone even if you have a few seasons under your belt.

PS. If you or anyone else is at OKC my garage is #19 so if I’m there feel free to say Hi!

Thanks Sahib! Yeah that sounds pretty great and I’d be down. It doesn’t look like a group thing, but 1/1, which is cool.

Does Matt still work there? He was super duper fast in Kk on KZ and he used to race w/ Ryan etc. I could learn some stuff from him as he was one of the few guys I just could not touch in KK. Racer name was Penishole which is a colorful gamer tag.

I’m trying to schedule two days with Viktor (mgr) via email currently. If I can arrange, I’ll be there 24th and 25th. We could maybe bang some bumpers if you’d like!

Dis guy:

Dayum, I had a kart neck pre-corona

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Yes! Matt is still there!

It is a 1 on 1 thing however the day I booked they mistakenly double booked someone else, it wasn’t a big deal as it was a younger kid (Matt was his instructor)

But even then there was no rush and I felt I had plenty of time as we were literally the only four people in the paddock.

Last time I had fun racing the walk ins on short track day 1 and then faffing about on big track in speedy on 2nd day. This will he dual speedy days. Ouch my body isn’t ready, last time in kart was 6hrs of Joisey end of last summer.

Well I managed to schedule a 4hr session with Matt day two. Day one I will go back to Andretti in the evening and see if I can improve on my times from last visit.

I gotta say, the “lesson” session is a screaming deal. It’s $350 including their speedy kart and instructor for 4 hrs. A bargain!

@SahibT if you are so inclined, I challenge you to meet me at Andretti and we can chase each other around. Tag, you’re it! I’d head over Monday night, if you wish.

Darn, I’ll be out of town starting on the 21st! Didn’t realize you’d be there the 24th and 25th. Whenever you come back let me know and I’ll definitely take you up on it!

Hope you enjoy!

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Big sad! Next time maybe. :checkered_flag::racing_car:

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It’s looking like the convention will be in Orlando again. I’ll ping you when I have dates and maybe we can get together for a session. @SahibT

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