Old birel brakes questions

I have an old Birel R30CY easykart from 2003 with shot brakes and apparently support and parts for older chassis like this has disappeared? i just want to know from anyone here with experience what i should do and what brakes will fit this.

i bought a B-132x2 freeline caliper which is an updated version of my same caliper but the only difference is the mounting holes don’t stick out far enough so the disc hits the back of the caliper… so i’ll need to have my friend cut and weld new mounting points, which i would rather avoid if possible.

just please is there anyone out there that has a solution?

ps. if it makes a difference this is the junior variant with 100cc engine and smaller axle

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Can you upload any pictures? It might help to visualize the issue. I know OTK had an adapter they made for the change in their rear caliper. Is it possible Birel did the same? Otherwise, you might be able to find a machinist that can make an adapter for you. Is it an issue that the rotor diameter is too large for the caliper?

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Yeah it is an issue with the rotor diameter being too large for the new caliper, or rather the mounting being too short. here are a couple pictures of it for you to see https://photos.app.goo.gl/4tUoBiwbgztDzwfUA

Maybe you can get some heavy gauge plate steel and make a bracket. Match the holes to bolt the plate to the bearing support and match the holes for the caliper. Just get your spacing right so the pads make full contact with the rotor. You could do it with a saws-all with a hacksaw blade and a drill. Might not look pretty, but it would work. A ban saw, drill press and a sander would do a better job. A machinist would be an even better option if you have the cash.

Yeah I guess that’s what will have to happen, doesn’t sound too complicated luckily. thanks for your help and advice Greg