Old Rupp Kart Racer History

I am 60 years old now. My Dad worked for Rupp Manufacturing in the 70s. He developed a rubber curing machine during WW2 and helped Rupp with there rubber snowmobile tracks… I raced Rupp endurance / Sprint Karts First picture of sprint track behind Rupp plant Second picture Mid-Ohio track use to go 110 MPH at 7 years old on back straight. Lost all my Karts over my parents divorce years later… And the Karts I use to have… Now I have 12 year old grandson that’s in K1 electric Karting League now. Hoping to get into L206 Racing at Thompson Kart Raceway In Thompson Ohio In 2025. With the help from Doug Marsh who runs the Kart program out there. His company is Rocketech in Chardon Ohio … Great guy if you need anything for Karting !!! And his link is at bottom of page TAKE A LOOK !!!



Made you a simple collage for your scrapbook.

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