Older TM Racing K9B spark plug

So I picked up a used Italkart shifter with an older TM K9B engine. It has an NGK R7282 105 in it currently. It is a short plug with a special cap. I figured I’d pick up a couple plugs for spares but soon learned that these plugs are like 40 dollars each! The cap is also expensive.

My questions are as follows.

  1. Is this plug actually recommended and required? I’m in south Florida for heat range thoughts.
  2. There seems to be a Brisk alternative that may work fine but is still 23 bucks.
  3. Can I/should I swap the cap and plug type for a more conventional type cap, or is what I have best?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not being cheap but it seems that this plug is not very popular, hence the cost. If need be I’ll just pay the 40…

You can switch it and run an NGK 105 or similar.

The reason that plug is so expensive is the platinum outer electrode, which helps a little bit with plug life, and is more resistant to fouling. That setup also has the added benefit of giving the driver WAY more elbow clearance. Though you’ll see most of the “fast guys” running the short plug, there isn’t any performance difference between that and a “standard” plug.

If that plug is still in good shape then I would keep it installed. Once it’s time to replace you could go with the plug Burpo mentioned, which is this one:

and would require this cap, or one similar:

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Thank you for the info, that clears it up!

Something for consideration…

I ran KZ for 4 years. In that time I never fouled, had issues or needed a new R7282 plug. They are pretty bulletproof.

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Oh wow! That is great news. Maybe you can provide some pointers on how to drive this engine. I get the feeling it likes to be revved and kept up there. Also there is a small tube going acrossed the carb that it looks like someone cut a portion out of. Any idea of its intended purpose?

The tube on the carburetor is a bowl vent/overflow, yes it’s supposed to have a hole cut in it. As far as driving yes the engine needs to kept up on the pipe, in the higher rpms. That’s where it is happy and will sing if tuned properly.

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