OMP enters the rib protector fray with a twist:

Oh god. This one time when Nick was a baby he had explosive diarrhea and the wall behind his crib was spray blasted brown. He was very proud of it at the time. It squirted out from beneath his diaper at firehose pressures.

Last thing Dittrich needs as a race director, poop everywhere.

To summarize: the answer is always Bengio.

Can anyone offer any advice regarding a cadet driver with a Bengio/Ribtect combo? When my son comes of the track, the rib protector has rotated quite a bit on him. I used the measurements the site recommended before buying. He used to wear an armadillo and the first time I saw irritation on him was after switching this weekend during practice.

OMG… I just sprayed water all over my keyboard. That’s far worse that poop in the feet of the jammies. Thanks for that reminder. :nauseated_face:

Feet of jammies? Your child has a wicked sense of humor.

Yeah that was a two person cleanup. One to hold the kid and the other to peel the jammies and hose down the kid. He’s now my karting partner in crime so I guess I can’t complain…

Once they can control their bathroom needs, our children make excellent racing buddies.

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Does it ride up? It might be a tad large (rib protector). Most buy them too big but he/she will grow.

Not really. It just rotates. He didn’t complain about it irritating his armpits or obstructing steering in any way. I do think it is a pinch big even though I measured. There is a finger width gap on each side sort of in the middle of his sternum and arm pits. But each side closest to the sternum touches the chest protector. Maybe we will go back to the armadillo until he grows a bit more.

Curious what your issue was with this vest. I use my Armadillo on occasion, but usually need the solidness of the Bengio, but I prefer the adjustability and comfort of the Armadillo.

I was way too bound up in my armadillo and didn’t realize it until I switched to an astars last year. My driving took on a flow that was noticeably smoother from the stands after I sorted out the things that were keeping my body too rigid.

What… I’ve seen conversations about space, BBQ, Gucci, marketing pitches, but explosive diarrhea? Nope. That’s a first.
Surprised? Nope.
Disappointed? Somehow nope.

In conclusion: Bengio Bumper

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Yeah, the conversation veered sharply from ‘The answer is always Bengio’ to discussing our poopy children who are now competing with us on the track, didn’t it? :laughing:

Welcome to KP. Where adult ADD is the rule rather than the exception.

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OK…back to the rib vest discussion! :grin: I tried a Freem aluminum (color) rib vest on at the OVKA swap meet last week. The fit seemed good but didn’t have a chance to try it in a kart. The Tillett seat on my Ignite fits snugly without a vest. How much of a seat size jump can I expect with a rib vest? Still considering the Freem if anyone has any feedback.

I know, the answer is Bengio (if I can find one)!

Stilo Carbon Curva makes a Bengio feel like garbage. :wink:

I had the freem in carbon. It was good but the bengio fit me better. YMMV.

The freem is pretty bulky if I remember correctly.