OMP enters the rib protector fray with a twist:

The twists:

  1. This one here offers rib, back and front protection. Sorta similar to what the munchkins have to wear (front and back, not just sides). It’s homologated.

“Very first FIA homologated karting rib protection in the world. OMP KS-1 Pro offers complete protection to the driver (ribs, front and back) combined with maximum comfort thanks to the internal padding and the exclusive auto-adjustable fitting system. Outside in resistant polycarbonate material, inner lining in nitrile rubber and shockproof memory foam that dissipates energy in case of accident. Adjustable shoulder and lateral straps with velcro, shaped front shield to get best comfort and higher protection. FIA 8870-2018 homologated.”

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  1. It’s pricey as heck: $459 on sale from $499. I guess this pays for the homologation.

Thotts relative to the beloved Bengio? This made me think of our reader who has the bilateral upper back bruising issue. Does not seem cost effective relative to a better seat, tho.

Bengio have a homologated version too.

I guess it’s the new homologation that is driving the additional front/rear protection.

These 500 dollar price points for rib vests are painful. My ribs hurt just looking at the price.

Helpful Sizing Video (most buy too large a size):

Yeah I wouldn’t bother with it personally. But it does show that where the FIA see a benefit they will create a testing and homologation protocol.

Unlike neck braces…


Let’s not go there… :sweat_smile:


I’m looking to pick up a new rib protector as I had the Armadillo vest , but just tried a friend’s alpinestars and realized how awful the armadillo is - I didn’t realize everyone else was able breathe and stand up without help lol!

Since doing some more research, I’m thinking the bengio would be great, but came across this new FIA standard - I don’t race anywhere that requires it but chest protection sounds like a nice thing? Does anyone want to share more specific experience comparing this new AB7 thing at $500+ to the bengio at $200? I don’t know how likely I am to hurt my chest, so not sure if this is worthwhile or just silly?

I’m not a safety expert, but generally chest protection was only mandated for young drivers who had the steering wheel closer to their chest and were more likely to end up hitting their chest on the wheel in a crash.

I’ve never been in a crash where my chest hit the wheel, even in hard head-on impacts, so for me it seems a little unnecessary to spend all that extra money on something with chest protection if it isn’t mandated. The Bengio always comes with glowing reviews and I love mine.

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wow thanks for the <1min response TJ! you’re confirming my suspicion, so I think I’ll just go with the normal bengio (recently read your experiences with it!)

I’m suspicious I’ve made a similar mistake with the Valhalla 360 device, my thinking at the time was “yeah, I like my neck”, but I sure don’t see anyone fast wearing it… now thinking I should go the EVS R4 (or similar? any recs?) route? I realized this past weekend how much energy I was expending due to this extra stuff all around me. What do you think of that TJ?

I am guessing most adults will choose to just go to rib protection route and not use the new rib/sternum jobbies.

You would benefit from sternum in hard frontal impacts. It’s kind of rare, like TJ said.

The bengio is generally the go-to unit.

Th evs neck thing is also a nice idea. Again, not sure if they matter but they are required. I have th Valhalla for my son because safety. I like the evs because it’s small.

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Clearly I’m checking the forum too quick with those response times…

There’s about a million neck brace threads/debates on here and you’ll get 10 different answers if you ask 10 people.

Personally, I don’t wear a neck brace. If I were required to do so, I would probably go for something a bit more “developed” than a foam donut though.


I’ll search KartPulse about it and do some reading, thanks for the input guys

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Did you mean to say an EVS cover stuffed with paper towels? :shushing_face::wink:

Look into the Stilo Carbon Curva, too. I made the switch to it from Bengio and will never go back.

I prefer old socks in mine.

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Do you prefer washed or unwashed?

Unwashed, so when the race director comes over to inspect it and pulls the socks out, they smell bad.


If I come over at USPKS and you don’t have unwashed socks in your EVS, I’m just gonna DQ you

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Just for you, I’ll throw a pair of underwear in there too.


The other reason for chest protection in youth classes is the sternum is not fully developed yet, making collision with the wheel particularly dangerous.

You do have access to used diaper’s now right? :wink: