OMP Kart Suit

Anyone using the OMP KS-3 suit? Looking for thoughts or opinions. Need to get a suit soon as I’m going to do an arrive and drive ka100 race weekend. I actually have a no name suit I bought (new) on ebay but I doubt the cik/homologation tag is authentic! Pic of the suit I have.

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Been exceedingly pleased with our OMP gear so far. Will be replacing our AlpineStars suit with a custom OMP this summer. Purchasing through

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I have the OMP KS-3 suit. i like it because it is three layers vs other suits being two layers and I’m going for max safety. For my body, I wish it was an inch or two inches taller because I have to hunch down a little too get it to go over my shoulder.

I have washed it a few times and it has cleaned up very well and still looks and feels great.

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I’ve got the Ks-3

Love it, miles better than my old Alpinestars.

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I’m 5-10 and weigh 160lb not sure whether I should get the 52 or 54. Both are in my size range. Probably better to get the larger one, don’t want it too tight.

I’m 5’8", 170lbs and have size 54.

I think it will be short for you. The waist will be fine.

I should mention that I use a rib protector and wear a T-shirt and underwear.

If you want me to measure anything on it, send a picture of what you want measured and I’ll do it and send along the info.

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