OMP Suit Opinions

Right now I’m wearing a cheap ebay suit for practice days in my Rotax but I am planning to do an arrive and drive (KA) soon with Empire Karts here in Cali. I probably should make sure I have the correct gear before I show up for the race weekend so I am looking at this OMP suit OMP KS-3 Kart Suit - Fast Racer — FAST RACER and was wondering if anyone is using this same suit or for some opinions as to whether it would be a good option. I will probably only be doing 2 or 3 races a year.

That’s a nice looking suit and OMP is a reputable brand. Affordably priced, too.

The Sparco Kerb is another well made inexpensive suit.

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I switched from AlpineStars to OMP

World of difference. The OMP is lighter, better build and breathes better. Hands down a superior option than Alpinestars in my opinion. I’ve also owned nothing but Alpinestars (5 suits total).

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Which OMP suit did you get?

Can you comment on the fit?

If you don’t mind sharing - what is you Levi’s jeans size and what is the OMP suit size and how will does it fit?

I bought an OMP rain suit and love the quality and am interested in an OMP suit but worried about the fit and trying to figure out which one.

I got the KS2 Art (blue colour)

It fits nice, it’s elastic on the wrists and ankles for a snug fit.

Sorry, I don’t wear jeans :joy:

I’m 5 ft 8 and 195 lbs, (recently lost 20lbs! hoping for 20 more).

Anyway it fit when I was 215 and is definitely a little looser now but still fits nice and is comfortably snug when I wear my rib protector. I got a size 56, It’s definitely a little more snug on the gut than the Alpinestars suits, I found the Alpinestars to be a bit looser overall, especially on the writs and ankles which I why I like the elastic on the sleeves of the OMP. I wore a 56 in the Alpinestars too.

I bought mine from MondoKart and had no issues, it was also almost $300 cheaper than buying it in the US. Only thing is it takes about two weeks to come as they aren’t readily stocked.

Let me know if you need any more info.

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Looking at the omp size guide it seems they make short, medium and tall sizes which is nice.

What frustrates me with buying off the rack is, according to the chart,I am a potentially 46-52, depending upon the category.

Thank you for the specifics. I am considering getting it from Mondokart. It doesn’t look like they have this particular model and more.