On-board starter battery (Lightweight Alternatives)

I couldn’t find any info on this so I am starting a new topic.

I’m looking for battery alternatives for my KA100 starter. Currently, I have a 12v AGM sealed battery. Its rated at 9AH, but its almost 6lbs. I’m looking for a lighter and tidier alternative.

Ideas and suggestions?

This Shorai battery is a common lightweight replacement.

A 4S lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh will start a 125cc engine. It’ll be under 1 lb, and cost about $20. You’ll need a separate charger as the IAME system will not charge it.

Will a KA run without a battery? If it won’t damage anything, you can leave it off and use an external starter.

The KA only needs the battery for the starter, but having a battery and using the on board starter is sometimes required, plus the convince of being able to start myself on the grid or on the track is a worthwhile sacrifice.

Charles, I like where you’re thinking on the battery. I assume you are referring to the R/C type battery packs. While they may have the amps, the voltage is listed at 14.8 and fully charged they are usually more. Is that too much?

The Shorai Zach linked is a great option and works very well. You’ll also want to invest in the Shorai charger/tender if you go that route. If you want to save another 0.2lbs you can go with the smaller (smallest) Shorai which will also work to start the motor.

We run a 4S battery on our X30, so no problem.

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I run a antigravity battery. Still full size and weighs nothing