One battery sufficient for engine and MyChron needs?

Hey y’all. For anyone with an IAME x30 TaG (mine’s a shifter) and a MyChron 5S with lambda sensor, any issues with the one 12v battery to supply power for everything? Or would a second external battery be recommended for just the MyChron stuff? Have tried to research but I’m spinning my wheels. The lambda sensor apparently heats up and draws some current. Together with GPS, feels like a lot for the battery to do but I don’t know. The battery I currently have is 7.2 AH but I’m not opposed to buying something with a little more capacity if it will help ensure my uptime. I don’t know a ton about ignition, I do know the coil is brand new but anything else I can/should check re: engine battery charging system? Thanks for any perspective!

The X30’s ignition also charges the battery, so if you have an adaptor to run your MyChron from the starting battery you will not have any trouble with it draining.

Nah the engine produces more than enough power to keep everything running. I have the mychron running with direct power adapter to the battery and X2 transponder also running from direct power, no issues ever.

Thanks guys! Really appreciate it. Looking forward to what the lambda sensor can do to help me understand what’s happening with the carburetion. Feel like I’ve been going a bit blind up to this point and can’t wait to have some actual information to work with. Pricey but will be worth it I think. Thanks again.

You might already be aware, but take caution to not chase a specific AFR\lambda number at the outset. It’s not like a four stroke where you can (almost) arbitrarily chase 12.x.

Tune the engine and make a note of the observed number. You may also find that the number for best performance will change throughout the rev range, because two stroke.

Thank you for this. I did not already know! Is there a suggested rule of thumb for threshold above/below 1.0 lambda that is generally considered acceptable by the engine? In other words, for instance, in idle range should I definitely worry about a 0.90 but not necessarily a 0.95? Etc.?

There could be, but I’m not aware of what it is for an x30.

Between the timing of the exhaust pulses and charge (air + fuel) escaping out the exhaust port in certain conditions, Lambda can be challenging on a tuned pipe two stroke.

At Lower RPMs your going to have more air passing the sensor…. But it’s not an indication of the actual lambda of the charge in the cylinder.

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What constitutes a “tuned” pipe? Mine does not have a flex section, there are no parameters I can adjust…see pic. Does that mean it is not tuned? Or has been designed to work with this engine and therefore is considered tuned to this engine from the factory?

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Practically all two stroke karts run a tuned pipe. Exceptions are the KT100 can, some older comers.

You can identify one by the expansion chamber in the exhaust. Sometimes they are called an expansion chamber exhaust.

You can get exhaust spacers for that style of KZ pipe if needed.

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Power republic has a couple videos touching on Lambda tuning and I think this is the most detailed.

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