One Man Stand Options for LO206?

First post here but have been reading alot to help get my son up and running in LO206 Cadet karting. Our first outing was last weekend and even with a helper my back is aching from lifting a 190lb kart on/off a Bigfoot stand.

I definitely need something one dad friendly, preferably compact for travel and low maintenance. I’m looking at a Stone Kart stand, where the front of the kart is lifted and the stand pivots up. I read here some references to the carburetor bowl dumping gas when using this type of stand. If I pop the air filter for every lift, would there be any other issues with using this type of stand? I’m thinking about creating a bright red 3d printed cap to plug the air filter inlet and prevent the fuel from spilling. Would the fuel drain back into the bowl once the kart is level or would it drain into the motor?

Anyone have experience/advice on this? I’m trying not to end up with two kart stands that aren’t working out.

I added hooks to my normal stand and ratchet the front top and bottom together so it doesn’t fold. It dumps a little gas if you aren’t fast but it doesn’t hurt anything.

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I have one of the Italkart stands with the crank. I like it but it’s pretty heavy. If you have a trailer I would recommend it, but if you’re going to have to fold it up and pack it in a vehicle, it might be a bit heavy/awkward to load.

Thanks! So basically something like this? Kart Stand Solo Hooks Demo - YouTube

I’ve considered modifying my bigfoot stand to be like that but it may be just a little more precarious than I’d prefer. Still considering it though. Thanks!

Thanks Jordan! I do have a trailer (roughly 6x10). I thought it was big but after loading the kart, toolbox and strapping the stand to the wall most of the floorspace is gone. With a less portable stand I would be inclined to build a platform and store it under the kart.

Exactly like that! Works perfect.

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