Only in 206 would you see this?

So as the story goes, a guy I race with is on a Margay and suffered a weekend ending crash (he was fine) but his kart chassis was destroyed at the Grands (CKNA). So the guys from Coyote (a rival team) ended up feeling bad for the guy, and pieced together chassis out of random parts they had lying around, just to lend it to this guy and let him continue racing so his whole weekend didn’t go down the tubes.

There is your feel good story for the day. Way to go Coyote!

Not sure if something like that would ever occur in 2 stroke, but it just goes to show how cool the 206 community can be. :+1:


Plot twist: Coyote punts him in finals.

That’s karting in general in my experience, especially at club/regional level.

Nothing to do the the engine bolted on to the chassis at all. It’s more about how the communities develop and support each other.


It’s always heartwarming to see rivals jumping in together to help out their competitors. I’ve seen many instances where even big teams are happy to jump in and throw together a broken kart to make sure someone gets back out for their next session.

Heck, even on the grid when someone’s kart won’t fire up, you always see 4-5 guys running to help get it started, none with affiliation to the driver in question.

We’ve got a good thing here at it’s core.

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I lost a motor in qualifying at one of our big regional races here. And had probably 10 people around trying to diagnose. With one of them going to grab another motor and offering it up to use for the rest of the event. Happens in 2 stroke too.

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2 stroke story… in Pre my engine blew, large hole, kaput.

Jerry scurried around and was able to borrow Bonanno’s backup engine and got me on the grid in time for finals.

I got third, starting from last, passing Heinz in the last corner for podium!

Felt so good. Thanks John!

2-stroke, 4-stroke don’t matter. People are generally helpful in karting. I suspect in USPKS it’s a bit different, tho!

Yeah I think things might change as you move up the toteum pole of competition like on the national level. But since 206 doesn’t really have a national level, the Grands is as close as we come to that level of competition.

Jim from Coyote is a class act, not sure if it was his call but it is always good to see sportsmanship rise above everything else.


He must be and fostering that down his ranks, its awesome to see.

This is what makes karting great (most racing really). 99% of the people would do annything to help get you back in action.

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