Open Regs KZ -Ignition Options

My local championship has only one reg for kz. CC must not exceed 125cc.

My engine is pretty well developed, however the ignition could be changed from the standard TM supplied unit.

My tuner talked about a digital ignition. Has anyone experence with other forms of ignitions?

I know guys in 125 long circuit who use these on TMs

Very cool. For general knowledge… what’s the advantage of having bespoke timing like this in an open ruleset?

You can program the ignition to fire at the optimum point depending on the revs at a given point rather than it being set to one single degree across the board. There’s other bits a bobs you can play about with as well. That’s the very very very simple version. Obviously it’s way more complex, but it’s about having a degree of freedom with timing.


The other option is to use a variable ignition timing setup from PVL. Visually almost identical, makes quite a bit of difference and bolts right up.

I think it was the varible ignition system he was speaking about.

Have you experienced much of an improvement in laptimes or does it improve driveability instead?

I haven’t tried it (it’s not legal for KZ) but I was told it makes a a significant difference laptime-wise as it’s one of the major limitations of a KZ. You gain bottom end while extending top end rev range, as you break away from the compromise of a static ignition point.

You can get a retrofit kit

or the whole ignition system

How is the PVL variable ignition programmed? Or just it just have a static advance curve?

I believe it’s non-programmable, based on a pre-determined curve that apparently works very well with the TM engines. You just need to bolt it on and index it correctly. I know of the option as some used it to cheat in local races (and got caught) as you can disguise it to look almost exactly like the regular one. The one @Alan_Dove shared looks much more sophisticated and adjustable

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