Opinions Briggs Lo206 Carb Tuning

Hey Just curious on everyones procedure for tuning the carb on the Lo206.

I watched the tech video series on Youtube and the one fella says that the spark plug should always be porcelain white. Rich on the bottom of the rpm range and lean on the top RPM range.

So my question is what are peoples opinions on this? Do you use the float height height for the bottom RPM range and the slide needle to lean out the top RPM range? Im assuming you have to readjust with weather/temperature changes?

Do you regularly check the spark plug for how white it is?(maybe even a plug chop).
thanks again

What video series? If it is the one I am thinking of it seem aimed at junior classes. So I’d maybe to want clarify that no color thing.
Floats are supposed to affect rich/lean across the whole RPM range.
Needle should affect bottom to mid range more than top.
I have not been overly concerned with carb settings as I was fighting bigger issues with chassis/handling but now need to spend some time on engine performance.

What can you legally do on an LO206 carb to adjust it? All I can think of is:
(beside changing slide)
Float Height
Float Drop
Needle Position
Air Bypass Screw
Idle Stop
Align it to intake
Level it - as best as possible
Orient Air Filter

I would first and foremost be concerned with the jets and orifices being clean. Perfectly clean.

I do check the plug from time to time but by all accounts I am too rich.

You got me wanting to skip work & go play with the carb on the LO206

its on Youtube. Very good video

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Would you mind posting the link here?

might be this one: Part 1 of 7