Opinions on a new chassis

Hello, so I was thinking of getting a brand new chassis and i’m between a 2018 CRG 32mm tubing and a 2018 Praga 30mm tubing. What are your opinions on these chassis? I will be racing them on an X30. What chassis would be the best?
Thank you so much.

Why not a 30mm CRG? The new CRG HERON is a great Tag Chassis. Where are you located?

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Hi Eduardo. Since are both excellent chassis…

Based on the races you planning running next year… which do you think will have more support available for you?

Thank you for your awnsers, I am located and will be racing in central america with equal support for both chassis.

Thank you for your awnser, I will have equal support for both chassis, so it is a matter of wich one will be the better performer,

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Both chassis will be more than capable to race at the front and perform as long as they are tuned in probably. The CRG may be a bit cheaper as we sell them quite a bit cheaper than the normal retail price of a TAG chassis. Not sure if any Praga dealers are running a sale at the moment

How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Generally, the CRG is viewed as a stiffer kart while the Praga is softer, so one might suit you better than the other.

Otherwise both are quality chassis and you can hardly go wrong either way.

I am about 5’9 and weigh 140, but yeah, Im still swamped in the decision.

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I think the Praga would probably work better because of the 30mm tubing. CRG make great chassis though and it also depends on the track and tires.


Have you spoken with each of the dealers? Do you have a hunch on which one is more likely to have based a setup around your build on the tires and tracks you plan running?

Since both are excellent, I would be less concerned about the brand and more concerned with the chassis’ alignment with your build and plans

A determination on this cannot be made based on the chassis itself, or the frame rail sizes.

Yes of course, now knowing that they are both equally good, I will speak with the dealer to see wich chassis can adapt better to the track and tires.
Thank you for your response,

I should clarify a little… Really you’re looking to see if they have already worked with someone in your situation. Start there and see where the conversation goes.

Yes, exactly, as both chassis are popular where I race, and both are champion chassis here, I just have to see which one has the edge on my local track.

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