Opinions on birel?

Hi, I am looking to get a new chassis for next year and I was thinking of joining KF karts in Perth Australia. Currently, I am using a 2016 or 15 Tb Kart S55 in KA4 junior and am going to KA3 senior next year. You can join KF karts and be with the kart for free with any kart as long as you get stuff through the team but I have an old kart and have been thinking of upgrading and may as well get a kart the rest of the team uses. The KF karts team mainly uses Birel in senior and arrow karts as well. There is a really well-looked-after KF / s12 birel kart for sale for 2.7k with a bunch of spares. This kart was also competitive in KA3 this year as well. What are your opinions of a Birel kart especially compared to a old TB kart. Thanks in advance.

The color and brand of kart doesn’t matter nearly as much as the support available for it at the races you run.

ok thanks in that case birel will be good for budget

Kind of along with what James said, not just support, but access to parts. Say you need brake pads or a steering shaft. Ideally, you want that ASAP not waiting for a delivery. The other thing I recommend is checking the condition of the chassis (are there flat spots, has the chassis been hit, bent, repaired) the condition is more important than the age.

yeah, that why i was either stuck between birel and arrow, because KF karts has the kart on hand and support both of these. With support I could get basically any chassis and have support but they charge money while KF karts is free as long as you get your parts and engine done from them. The chassis is from someone who takes awesome care of it and is in good condition.

Kip runs a good team,
That price seems reasonable for a newish KA3 Kart, and a ripper deal if it is with a KA.
Either of those brands of Karts can be made to work on WA Tracks.

I did hear a rumour that KF karts would stop being “made” next season (they are birel’s painted Orange). What that means for Kip I haven’t heard, he may still run Birel’s in a different colour and with out the bits he puts on, or swap to another manufacturer completely.
The team will still exist, I just thought I would mention it.

If it is Birel/Freeline you are after you could try 79 Kartsport, Gouphy is out of Kal and runs Comp Kart, He is at all the major events and would be happy to help, I’m sure.

I don’t have an affiliation, they are all equally willing to remove cash from my wallet.

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I haven’t asked kip directly about the birel situation but he doesn’t care about getting your chassis powder coated only the sticker kit.

A lot of Kips guys are back in Arrows with pretty much only his X30 guys still in Birel.

Gouphy cant get compkart any more and his customers are in Birel or CL karts - Still freeline based.

like has been said nearly all the karts on the market will work. work out what you want from the team you are planning on racing with, then speak to the WA based ones about how they can help you achieve what you want to achieve.

The big WA teams being Flatout Karts , Eurotek and KF there are other smaller ones around that may also suit you depending on what you are trying to achieve with karting.

ill caveat the above by saying i have used Flatout’s sense i have been involved with karting and also ran with Eurotek at Kalgoorlie last weekend