Opinions on Praga Chassis 30mm

Hello, I am about to buy a brand new Praga tacho chassis and will race it with an X30. What are your opinions on Praga? And is it simple to set up? Or should I look into another chassis like a CRG or products from OTK?
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Many will agree here (hopefully), that as long as you find the right folks to locally support you, most modern kart chassis can be made to be competitive and drive well. The Praga is a very well developed chassis, is run across the country with success, and does not lack for adaptability. The key to your success will be taking ownership on your own development as a driver, and in understanding how to optimize the performance of your kart. And, for that, you will want strong local support.


A kart is a kart. The big names are all going to be able to be competitive. Praga is a fine product. Plenty of drivers have done well on the Tacho in X30 here.

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