Optimal Tire Temp Window

ok…what is the optimal tire temps. This might be a very broad question but hear me out.

I’m currently running Vega Blue tire in Lo206. From what I’ve read, the window of tire temps for kart tires period in between 75 degrees celsius and 85 degrees celsius(sorry for the lack of Fahrenheit).

What is everyones opinion on this? Just want to hear what other people have found

Tire temps are a learning process, you drive, you take the temps, and you calculate the results. Over time, you find what’s best for you. For instance; that day when you turn your fastest time, you take the tire temps immediately after coming off the track, you checked the air density and you write it all down. The next time at the track, you check the air density, you get some lap times, you checked the tire temps, and you evaluate whether your lap times are comparable, considering the variables. Infrared handheld tire temp checkers are pretty cheap. That’s what I used, still have it here right next to my desk. Check out the chart, you need 12 readings and the rest is calculated. And you thought it was going to be easy. LOL