Ordering big ticket items thru Mondokart

With the dollar the strongest it’s been against the euro in awhile order across the pond is looking really attractive. Anyone have experience ordering chassis or other big ticket items from Mondokart or other suppliers in Europe to the States?

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I had the same idea, although I don’t NEED anything :joy:. I contacted them a while back asking about shipping cost. They never got back, that’s one thing I don’t like about them as I feel their communication is lacking. Anyway I find it really hard to believe that it’s only 149 euro to ship a 5 + foot 200 lb box. Unless they are shipping from OTK in Orlando or getting a hell of a deal through a shipping company, I fear that they would suddenly chuck on another $1500+ to ship it which would completely nullify any gain due to the weak euro.

I haven’t ordered a chassis but I have ordered lots of small parts and gear from them. A few things to keep in mind. Make sure you 100% sure of what you are ordering. Returning ab item is not worth tne shipping. I recently order a kart suit and there website said it was black and orange and what I got was black and red. Even a differnt part and when I contacted them they basiccally told me too bad that was the suit they had… you may also have to pay duty/ import fees to the shipper. These get billed after your order is shipped. I’m in Canada so ymmv but on a 200 EURO suit i had to pay an additional $86 CDN. They also substitue items sometimes. I ordered kart numbers and the 0 and 8 were diffent brands and slightly differnt sizes. I ordered 12 wheel nuts anf 10 were copper colored and 2 were silver. I know they function the same but the OCD in me cant handle mismatched parts.

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Best store when it comes to price, speed, selection. Order processing and warehouse tech they have is way ahead than anybody else. Shipping cost is also unbeatable. As for entire karts, some are free worldwide shipping, some will cost only $500 which is mind boggling especially because they are not drop shipped. The part they still need to improve is customer service and quality. I had things like mismatched set of wheels, they forgot to package a carb inside an engine box and got all banged up, forgot to include the rims in a full chassis box…all fixed eventually but needlessly painful and they don’t have good post-sale support team.
Like others said, you also need to consider the tax part which obviously they can’t control.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the local shop that you go to when you are in a pinch or can’t figure out how to get your kart running, might not be there in the future if you buy all your parts from Mondo.


The chassis shipping prices are real. Friend buys kid kart chassis to build up a fleet he maintains. Only thing to remember is the duties you will have to pay on delivery.

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when i was in italy i was in the store in person (really big and nice) shippmnt is allways free i shipped a whole kart trolley for 0 euro shipping. the shippment takes about 6 working days i live in sweden. So its pretty good and the shipping is good. if you put a company in there you get zero taxes too i dont know if you have allready dont that?
i got a frame from there to with 0 shipping costs is GLS that shipps

That I understand. I really try to support our local team and buy replacements/spares from him. I’ll normally ask if he has it if not I’ll reach out to the normal suspects Comet, Kartsport, Acceleration, etc. End of the day no one here karting is doing to to be millionaires so we are all in it together. Was just curious on others experience as approx $1000 is quite a few sets of tires.

Someone above mentioned the import fees, I bought a whole kart from them and it all worked out. I think the limit is $500 before you have to pay the shipper to act as your import agent ( or something like that) in my case it was about $480 total.

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On Thursday, September 29th, I ordered a set of Magnesium rims, a set of Aluminum rims, brake pads, misc. other items from Mondokart.

The order was received on the West coast US, four days later - Monday, October 3rd.

When placing the order, I was asked if I wanted to pay in USD or Euros. The USD rate they offered was higher than the currency market rate. So, I picked Euros. My credit card doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee, so this was probably $20 is savings.

The shipping was $75 with Insurance. Without insurance would have been $50. Since this was my first time ordering, I went with the insurance route. Not sure if I will do that next time.

I didn’t have to do any US customs paperwork. The US customs has good info. here:

You can look up the importation code here (Harmonized Tariff Schedule): Harmonized Tariff Schedule PDFs. You want Chapter 87. IIRC, karts should be under 8703.21.01

Very pleased with the entire process.

If someone does purchase a complete kart, please do share all the details.