OT: Lego Go-Kart Garage. Need your support!

Hey Fellow Karting Enthusiasts!

My 8yo’s karting competition debut has been put to a halt due the pandemic this year. So, to keep the passion alive during lockdown, we designed a karting Lego set and submitted it to Lego ideas. We need 10,000 supporters for Lego to consider it as an official set. Imagine this on the shelves of favorite toy stores!

If you’re interested in supporting or just want to see more photos of the build, head over the link below. To Support, you will need to Sign up (Sorry) and Click Support.

Thanks and I hope you guys like it!

about the build: The Kart is loosely based on a Tony Kart Chassis with a Rotax Max Engine. It’s in minifig scale but we tried our best to keep the proportions realistic. The garage is our dream garage complete with a fancy red tool cabinet, an LED Monitor to review telemetry, Water Dispenser to Stay Hydrated (right, Max? :p) and big big Trophy case.

Thank you to /u/crazedcarter for inviting me to this forum. Looking forward to learn more about Karting!


Very cool! I’ll sign up.

Neat stuff submitted, here’s Senna’s kart:

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supported! great idea

Thanks! Yes, amazing work all over the site.

Awesone! Thank you sir!