OTK brake system to fit Birel chassis

Hi all,

I’m from the UK but I currently reside in Cyprus. I’ve bought myself an X30 on a 2010 RY30 Birel chassis, the kart is great however I don’t like the brakes on it. I’m always having issues with it overheating and pads wearing far too quickly. I’m just wondering if it would be a straight swap from an OTK 2014 brake straight over to the Birel. Any info would be great. Thank you

I would look into moving your pedal as you’re likely to be leaving your foot on it ever so slightly and causing the overheating and pad loss. I’ve been there before when I thought it was the brakes and swore I wasn’t resting my foot on the pedal, but after reworking the pedal ergonomics a bit the problem stopped.

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Birel Brakes do seem to wear quickly for me. I get roughly a season out of a set.
Birel have a hard and a soft pad, you could use a harder pad compound that may help you.
As @Rdub3 said check the pedal, and the Disk - pad alignment/clearance.

I doubt that OTK would fit honestly, but there may be an adaptor plate to convert.