OTK carbon fibre floor tray information

Hello all,

Just wanting some information on the OTK carbon fibre floor tray.
What effects does it have on the kart?
What are it’s pros and cons?
What advantages or disadvantages does it have?
And is it better then the standard floor tray or not?

Thank you

idk man. I believe just for the looks. What do others think?

:rofl::rofl::rofl:. I just didn’t know if it had any affects on the kart. There’s barely any info on them. I thought they were lighter and apparently they remove understeer on corner entry

No difference other than weight, you have the front bar stiffening things. If you want similar effect just remove/loosen middle screws of current floor pan to get more flex


I thought they were only carbon in appearance?

I thought l read somethere that it weighs 300g where the standard otk floor tray is around 1kg. But that information could be false, don’t quote me

There are definitely floor trays out there that are full carbon fiber. There’s a UK based company producing a lot of floor trays and other parts out of carbon that I’ve seen on FB lately. They say they can do different flex floor trays, which is interesting for sure.


NEK produces various carbon fiber floor trays. I think they have 4 or 5 different rigidities, mostly for the DR chassis, but I believe they make some for other chassis as well.

I had a “soft” (green dot) version of the NEK carbon tray installed on my DR shifter chassis a few years ago, and the difference vs the standard aluminum floor was ASTOUNDING. At least for the conditions I was racing in, the carbon tray was about 0.500” slower, and made the kart feel unresponsive mid-corner.

Depending on the chassis, teams will play with loosening various floor tray bolts to allow for a different flex. I’ve also stacked two aluminum floor trays when trying to stiffen the middle of the chassis and had good results.


Yeah right. So it potentially has negative side effects to the karts handling and pace. Or at least in the conditions you were in and the kart you had. Good to know, thank you

Like anything, if it potentially has negative effects in some conditions, that means it can likely have positive effects in some conditions.

For most people, there are so many variables that you can tune with (outside of the floor tray), that you probably don’t need to add another variable in your choice of floor tray. To be clear, I’m not familiar with what impact the OTK carbon floor trays have in different conditions.

However, if you’re looking to reduce weight, going with a carbon floor tray, and then tuning the other variables around it could be something to consider.