Otk caster camber tuning manual

I’m creating this thread as a guide for all users to help myself in the community have some sort of a manual to refer too.

I think it’s best to have some info and point on when and why to run each setting ie. neutral caster usually used as a baseline, full caster for rain etc

I will edit this post as more info on contributed.


Eccentric Top Pill forward + eccentric bottom pill forward = neutral caster

  • used as your baseline setup, typical starting point for tuning.

Eccentric Top Pill forward + eccentric bottom pill backwards = full caster

  • used in cold weather or rain. When the grip is low.

Eccentric Top Pill backward + eccentric bottom pill forward = negative caster (how many degrees?)

Eccentric Top Pill forward + NEUTRAL PILL bottom =???

Eccentric Top Pill backward+ Neutral Bottom Pill = ???



Please contribute your knowledge so we can have an official guide.


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Is that not full negative?

I dislike the term positive/negative caster on a kart. It’s better, at least for me, to refer to reduced or increased caster - the fixed caster of the frame is what 10 or 11 degrees positive, it’s impossible to set negative when you have only 1.5 degrees of adjustment on each pil, only less or more positive by a maximum of 3 degrees. Just my engineer mind :grin:

Bruno is referring to the arrows on the OTK caster pills. Arrow points opposite of which way the kingpin is tilted.

While I appreciate the effort, I’m not sure a “guide” is needed for one specific adjustment necessarily. It can pretty much be summed up as “more caster = more weight jacking, less caster = less weight jacking”.

Any more specific than that and you start to get into varying effects from different manufacturers, how caster affects kart A vs kart B, how useful it is on tire A vs tire B etc. All variables that could make whatever we put here sort of useless.

You need to know what each adjustment on the kart physically does, then apply it to your situation.

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:man_facepalming:t2: There’s Nothing like making it easy to understand :joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile:

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Its been awhile since last posts but I’ve been lurking. I’ll share my experiences as I’ve been in the same boat and not sure what direction I really needed to go. My initial gut told me to take caster out and I played with a zero pill which learning later and during testing actually added caster. Now I have a better understanding on what I really needed to do with the kart. It wasnt that I need less caster but a different setting in the frontend that transformed the kart. Lesson learned I suppose but I definitely know what more caster feels like.

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