OTK (Kosmic\TonyKart) 401 “R”?

I believe that the new “R” version of the OTK chassis is hitting the eastern U.S. this month. From the pictures I have seen the waist is very narrow (so narrow the master cylinder was moved to the top/outside of the frame). The kart’s floor pan extends out to the spindles. And it looks like the front end might be shorter and the maybe the torsion bar was moved (hard to tell). Any color, news or opinions on these changes?

My first thought is the narrow waist will twist easier and thus require less force to jack the inside rear. I also think the narrow waist means we’ll have more bent karts in the middle of the frame :grimacing:


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I know I’ll get flack this, but anyway.

In the absence of real data, we’re left to take guesses at the difference it might make. I’m going to say it’s a largely cosmetic change. Changes mean new, cool and generally mean people will buy them just because of that.

I’m perfectly happy with being proven wrong.

Also, I wonder how that waist compares with the likes of the CRG road rebel.

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I don’t know any more than anyone of you at the moment, but my 2-year old Exprit seemed alright still at SuperNats. :thinking:

I think the front looking shorter is an optical illusion from the lens of the camera, and also the floorpan being full-width. The narrower waist might be a thing. You’re right @ACkartGuy, it would make it easier to twist the center of the kart. If that were the case I can imagine them removing some of the front geometry. Obviously speculation on my part. But if we can run less caster I’m down for that. Makes it easier for me to chill and stay out of shape in the off-season. Also could be beneficial in faster corners if you have less mechanical drag. But again, total speculation based on zero evidence or research on my part.

About 6 years ago when new OTK karts were coming over and everyone was claiming the new karts were “so much better” and they had “a bunch more caster” in them, I got a chance to back-to-back them at a Pro Tour weekend. I finished 2nd in TaG Senior on day one, then completely sh*t-housed my kart in the first heat on day two. I was on the previous spec chassis, and the only karts we had under the tent were the new spec, so we put a totally new, fresh-of-the-boat OTK kart together; the one with “AlL tHe CaStEr”… I was within .1 of my times on the old kart.

My point being, @KartingIsLife is probably right. Little changes here or there to mix it up a bit, but overall nothing game-changing probably. But I will investigate with my sources and see what I can find about the new stuff!

My final point is that I hate the new Kosmic kits. They’re boring and ugly. I prefer these: Image result for kosmic kart 2009


Purple is a good kart color.

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Yes, it’s hard to tell from the angle of the pics. I dug around on some Italian website here is one things I found via google translate. Sounds like TJ said not a lot of changes mostly cosmetic :roll_eyes:

“These are the main technical innovations 2019:

Chassis for the OK category:
•Same frame in the geometries but with technical improvements regarding the components.

•Steering wheel with HGS covering for better precision and driving comfort, supplied with an inclined hub.

•Integral floor plate to grant a better aerodynamics.

•Front spoiler M7 with low aerodynamic coefficient, provided as standard.

•New bodyworks graphics


Both of our top models have been further evolved with a specialization work arising from the adoption of new equipment used on the production line. The bodies of both models are the developments in the steering column support attacks and attacking the front bumper.

OK models come with a change to the central flange, forged according to a new design to best accommodate the exhaust of engines and OKJ OK.

The other components which have focused the attention of our technical department concerning the register of the throttle cable and the hub holder (with two screws).

Bring new products, always by mechanical techniques best performance, it is the goal pursued by OTK that among the interesting news offers an advanced platform, whose thickness is 1.5 mm, and the chain guard support, one-piece and made of a new material , lighter.

The overall upgrade on the components and the constructive elements mentioned above, allowed to marry always be a factor not easily visible, but of great substance, the weight.

Today RACER 401R and the 801R KRYPTON are lighter than their predecessors, and the drivers have the obvious advantage of being able to handle even better weight distribution.

The continuous evolution of each component could not but affect the braking system, now equipped with BSD pliers, forged in one piece and able to guarantee greater rigidity, strength and stability of yield”


Quality find. Thanks for sharing this.

Karts will arrive on 12/15/18.

The center of the kart is the same width, and the location of the mastercylinder mounting is the same. Had it changed the ‘straight pull’ brake rod would no longer work given the location of the pedal in reference to the mastercylinder.

What you’re seeing is how much wider the floor tray is in the front making the center appear narrower.


Could you post the website or the italian. I’m trying to work out if this is the chassis rail are 1.5mm thickness or the tray is 1.5mm thickness.

I was going to guess the floor tray was about “aero”, about as much as the nassau is. Bet its more expensive too.

Italian website http://www.kartgeneration.it/it/telai-tony-kart-2019/1415-telaio-tony-kart-racer-401s-ok.html

German website https://www.kartstore.de/de/tony-kart/Tony-Kart-Fahrgestelle/chassis-tony-kart-racer-401r-modell-2019-fuer-die-ok-klassen.html

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Yep they are talking about the tray.

Here’s a video from TonyKart


Cool thanks @KartingIsLife. Here it’s the TKART report with more detail.