OTK MXP wheel backspace?

Anyone know the backspace specs for MXP rims? Ive got one set of 130/180 for my son, and want a second set, but cant seem to find any anywhere, even the OTK dealer told me he cant get 180mm magnesium rims now. So I want to see how close the backspace is to Douglas LV or Swift mags before I order some.

I think OTK stop making MXP, the equivalent will be MXJ. I was looking for single 210mm MXP rear for a while.

Main problem with OTK rims is offset, DWG/FREELINE/Swift all have a different offset than OTK rims.

If you have a set on hand then you can just measure the backspacing with a tape measure. I don’t know the backspacing for the 180mm wheels, but all other OTK 212mm wheels have 58mm backspacing. Douglas LV have 67mm backspacing (212mm wheel).

All you have to do is have a measurement from the inside of the wheel to the bearing hanger and that will help you keep consistent widths even on wheels with different backspacing.

Yeah that’s what seems to be biting me in the ass, since i cant get 180mm mags from OTK. Swift, Douglas, Freeline all do 180 mags, starting to wonder if i should consider just switching to Douglas with all my rims

I’ll pull my set and measure them, i googled the Douglas LV, and one site said they were 58mm, I’ll have to see if someone at the track has a set to confirm.

That could have also been the PCD. I’m curious what they end up measuring.

Yeah, thats why i want a set in my hands before i order anything. I emailed douglas, I’ll see what they say

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