OTK Rookie 950 chassis set up

Hi All,
My friends son has started racing an OTK Rookie 950 chassis. Does anyone have any tips on a baseline seat position (including height) or target front / rear weight distribution for this chassis? The class is racing on the Bridgestone YDS tyre which is a relatively hard compound.

Any tips or help would be appreciated. As he’s only young, his feedback is minimal, making it harder to set up the kart.

I’m not sure if either are members on the forums but Grant Zimmermann and Andrew Hendler run OTK’s at Road America on YDS tires. If not on here find on FB. They should be able to help you out

Thanks Don, will check out to see if they have any tips for YDS tires.

In regard to a starting weight distribution for the Tony Kart Rookie chassis, I was planning to target somewhere between 58 to 60% rear weight distribution. Any thoughts?

The Bridgestone YDS is a hard tyre, described on here as, “Not so much a tyre more a rock” or words to that effect.
The quoted durometer reading is 68 compared with 48 for the YLC which is itself classified as a ‘hard’ tyre by CIK.
In UK our twin Honda GX Prokarts use YDS and they think nothing of putting 30 p.s.i or more into them.
Different application of course (180kg) but worth a try?
Usual quoted figure for weight distribution is 45/55 front/rear.
I don’t like having the seat below the bottom of the chassis tubes, so you could start with it ‘flush’ and try the effect of a cushion under the driver particularly if they are small.